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After School Enrichment Program

Onsite at Service Learning Academy District Locations – Detroit, Oak Park & Redford. We know how important it is for our kids to continue learning and growing even after the school bell rings. That’s why at Detroit Service Learning Academy, we’re thrilled to introduce our after-school programs tailored just for them! 
After-School Enrichment Program
• Affordable Full-Time & Drop-In Rates
• Online Registration Only
• Registration Fee of $20
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Personal Growth
& Development

Our programs aren’t just about academics (though we’ve covered that, too!). We focus on nurturing the whole child, helping them discover new passions, build confidence, and develop essential life skills.

Safe & Nuturing

We understand that, as parents, your child’s safety is paramount. Rest assured; our dedicated staff is trained to provide a secure and caring environment where your child can thrive.

Fun & Engaging

From arts and crafts to STEM projects, sports, and even some local field trips, there’s never a dull moment at DSLA after-school!

Homework Help

Need extra assistance with that math problem or science project? Our tutors are here to help!

Creative Arts

Let your child’s imagination soar with our arts and crafts sessions, drama classes, and music lessons.

Physical Activities

We believe in the importance of staying active. Whether it’s a game of basketball or a dance class, there’s something for every energy level.

Life Skills Workshops

From leadership training to financial literacy, we prepare our students for the real world.

Join the DSLA Family!
We’re more than just a school; we’re a community. And we’d love for your child to join our after-school family. So, why wait? Let’s make those post-school hours count, filled with fun, learning, and memories to last a lifetime.
Got questions or want to take a tour? Just give us a shout. We’re always here to chat!

(248) 509-4455